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Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) has announced that it has completed 25 years of passion for innovation in India this year. Commissioned in 1994, HTS leverages the country’s top engineering and technology talent to support Honeywell’s businesses globally and in India. Over the past 25 years, more than 5000 engineers in India have dedicated their technical expertise towards innovating cutting-edge products and solutions in Aerospace, Building Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions and Performance Materials and Technologies.

To celebrate the occasion, Honeywell organized several employee-facing activities which included the annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day across its four sites where more than 300 children received first-hand knowledge about the cutting-edge work that their parents do at their workplace through a series of educational, interactive and inspiring activities. In November 2019, Honeywell Technology Solutions partnered with Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) to promote and celebrate the cause of women in technology through Tech Talks and engaging leadership session. Our career booth attracted a crowd of over 1400 delegates, out of which 68% were working professionals.

Started as a four-member startup, HTS commenced its India operations as Honeywell India Software Operations (HISO) by setting up an offshore development center at Bengaluru. Over the past 25 years, HTS has shown its pursuit of excellence through many breakthrough innovations. The company powered HAL’s HTT-40 aircraft with turboprop engines; built pilot plants that improve refining and productivity, increased field productivity with intuitive SoteraTM solution etc. It continues to be a front-end asset and differentiator supporting Honeywell’s East for East (E4E) localization, and East to Rest (E2R) globalization strategies.

Commenting on the occasion, Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India said, “Honeywell Technology Solutions’ is a critical component in our enterprise transformation into a software-industrial organization. 25 years of ongoing innovation and delivery has put us in a great place to make this pivot. This transformation is reinventing Honeywell and its solutions for customers and industries. In India, it is enabling us to not only focus better on our customers, but also play a bigger role in supporting the nation’s future growth by solving challenges in energy, security, safety, and productivity.”

Pratap Samuel, President, Honeywell Technology Solutions, said, “Honeywell Technology Solutions’ completion of 25 years marks a significant milestone in the journey of “value creation” to the Enterprise. As we continue to push the boundaries of technology and innovate on state-of-art products and software, we commit to keeping our customers at center of our universe; solving their problems and helping them navigate through an increasingly complex business environment.”

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